Senior Teacher

Ray Dolphin, Kyoshi 7 dan, has been the Chairman of the United Kingdom Kyudo Association and the Shidosha (instructor) for the London Kyudo Society and its affiliated dojo since September 2015. Dolphin Sensei runs a dojo in Essex and leads the formal monthly practice (Getsureikai) in London.
After starting Kyudo practice in 1985 at the Meishin Dojo in Kent, he joined LKS in 1992 to train under O´Brien Sensei who had returned from Japan.

He has attended international Kyudo seminars in Europe and Japan led by the most experienced senior Japanese instructors since 1988. He has visited Japan regularly since the mid-1990s.
He visited Stockholm for over ten years to lead seminars for the Swedish National association.
Dolphin Sensei has been the Taikai Coordinator of the European Kyudo Federation, and is a member of the EKF Kyoshikai as well as a Board Member of the International Kyudo Federation.

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