Membership Information

To become a member, it is required that one is in good health and able to sit in Japanese style sitting posture (seiza). This is necessary because the shooting and formal movements are dependent on a proper use of the lower body. Members must also commit to regular practice and be prepared to accept the regime of a traditional Japanese practice.


Annual subscriptions to the Society are:
Full Membership: £20.00
Junior Membership: £10.00 (under 18 years old).

These subscriptions cover the administration and logistical expenses of the Society. All functionaries of the Society are on a voluntary basis.

In addition to this cost, members are obliged to join the United Kingdom Kyudo Association (UKKA), which is the governing body for Kyudo in Great Britain. The Annual Membership Fee to UKKA is £30.00. This entitles members to insurance cover, free access to annual training seminars and membership to the European Kyudo Federation through which members may apply to participate in the annual European Kyudo Seminars and All Nippon Kyudo Federation (ANKF) examinations.

Cost of Training

In keeping with the amateur status of kyudo, no charges are made for tuition.

The cost of hiring facilities for practice sessions is shared amongst the members. Junior Members (under 18 years old) pay half this cost (details on request).

All members are expected to attend on a regular basis and will be charged for all practice sessions.

New members will be required to take out annual membership to the Society and the national kyudo association, which gives insurance cover and access to national and European seminars and examinations.

In addition, beginners will be required to purchase their own equipment, which is initially a glove, arrows, and training uniform (about £250.00, depending on exchange rates). At a later stage, a bow must also be purchased. A basic set of arrows is around £140 and a basic bow is between £300 - 350.

More Information

  • Dojo Protocols

    The purpose of kyudo is the training of the person through honest and sincere application to practice. As a member of a dojo, the student becomes part of a regime where personal indulgences and behaviour are subordinated to the practice. The value of this regime should be recognised as part of the student’s own discipline and not misunderstood as something imposed and authoritarian.

  • Lks Intro

    General information about LKS, membership and practice.

  • Ukka Safety Rules

    Please familiarise yourself with all the rules pertaining to safety in the dojo.

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