London Kyudo Society


The London Kyudo Society is a private voluntary body originally established by Liam O'Brien* (1946-2015), Kyoshi 8 dan, to promote the practice of Kyudo - the traditional art of the Japanese bow.

LKS is open to all who have an interest in Japanese traditional culture and in a practical way wish to take on the challenge and demands that Kyudo has to offer.

For more information about Kyudo, visit the UK Kyudo Association website


*O'Brien sensei started kyudo in Japan and trained there for 11 of the 40 years during which he practised kyudo. He was posthumously awarded the 8th dan grade in October 2015 by the International Kyudo Federation in recognition for his contribution to the development of Kyudo outside Japan. He is the translator of the Kyudo Manual volume 1 and was President of the European Kyudo Federation for many years, as well as a Board Member of the International Kyudo Federation. He and his wife Yukiko O'Brien, 5 dan, who passed away in Feb 2014, assisted and interpreted on many of the European Kyudo seminars.